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Growth & Grace Coaching Collective

Mental and emotional health are as important as physical health!  If you would like to build confidence, strengthen relationships, improve communication, grow as a parent, reach personal goals and learn how to nurture your body, then life coaching may be a great fit for you. 


Andrea Morton, Claudia Hill and Juli Edmunds are certified life coaches and have created Growth & Grace Coaching Collective.  We are excited to offer their coaching services as part of the Balanced Health Premium Package. 


In addition to all of the services included in the Balanced Health Premium package, working with your life coach includes the amazing benefits of a private life coaching session once a month, mentoring & accountability and also work on self-improvement via monthly online courses and worksheets. In addition we offer a private members-only podcast AND monthly “Coach Talk: Live” events hosted by all 3 coaches. 


"We love to help clients create the outcomes they most want in their lives!"  - Growth and Grace Coaching

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